flying dress mallorca


Where are you located?
We are located on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain. We are also available to make photoshoots on Ibizia & Menorca. Contact us through the form to book your experience.
Where do you make your photoshoots?
We have top secret places in Majorca that are perfect to shoot. We always try to avoid crowded places. Your comfort and privacy is the most important to us.
Can you make a couple or a group photoshoot?
Yes, with pleasure! When you make a couple photoshoot the price remains the same. If you need a group photoshoot with your besties - we have a special packages. Contact us to get more info.
What time of day do you make a photoshoot?
We always avoid very strong light that make on your face a hard contrast. We give you two options - sunrise photoshoot or golden hour photoshoot. When you decide to make a sunrise photoshoot - we can use even more popular places as there is without tourists.
How many photos will I get?
Everything depends on the package you choose. Contact us to see full price list.
What size your dresses are?
We have transformer dresses which are adjustable and fit perfectly any shape & size. We kindly ask you to write your dress size when you book your photoshoot.
What color are your dresses?
At the moment we have 8 colours: red heart, majorcan sun, sea pearl, emerald bay, lilac, baby pink, angel white and juicy green. In upcoming season we will also have new colours: orange, black and blue.
Can I rent a dress only?
We do not rent our dresses at the moment. It is only possible to rent a dress with our team photoshoot.
Are your dresses really so long?
Yes, they are that long! They were designed to make an impression on everyone! 🙂 We promise that you will feel as a queen wearing one.
How do you clean your dresses?
Our dresses are cleaned after every single photoshoot and hand pressed.
What do I need to bring with me?
Take with you your good mood - that it is the most important. We suggest to wear a nude pair of panties and eventually nipples. All kind of bras are not suitable for our dresses.It is important to take with you bottle with water and any comfortable shoes to eventually hike to the photoshoot location.
Do I need high heels?
Most of our clients not wearing high heels. Also for us it is safer when you are barefoot. But take one pair just in case as we can always combine both options.
Where do I get my makeup done?
We cooperate with the best make up artists on the island. When you book your make up service, we will contact you directly with your make up artists to set all details.
How to make a booking?
Firstly, choose the dress colour that you love. Let us know when you will be visiting island. Contact us through the form on the website, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. We will send you pricing list and reply to all your questions. To book your date, it is necessary to pay 30% of total price and sign the contract.
What happen if the weather is bad?
If there are any bad weather day, we will contact you as soon as possible to make possible alternate choices. If we can not reschedule your photoshoot, your pre payment will be returned.